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OMEGA MILITARY 2777-1 SC – 953 RAF- 6B 542 – VINTAGE 1953

This watch is extremely rare and one of the most highly collectible British Military watches. This 1953 Omega was part of a exclusive one year order from the British Royal Air Force, a limited number of only 5900 pieces were produced for pilots & officers. This watch was both antimagnetic an chronometer certified, imagine how few watches were chronometers in 1953! The watch is cased in soft iron to prevent magnetism from the aircraft instruments that may have affected its performance during military operations. This watch is definitly one of the more sought after Military issue pieces and will certainly continue to increase in value. This 2777-1C has a much larger 37mm case than Omega’s earlier 1940s military watch as they were originally produced with  “Thin Arrow” Radium dials but these were said to be radioactive when stock-piled, so the MOD recalled them and redialed them with Tritium, that is why the letter “T” under Omega is in the circled, then nicknamed “Fat Arrow”dials. Our all original example is in great condition with  MOD dial. (Fat Arrow & Circled T). Antimagnetic strip to secure the movement in tact. The movement is running strong and keeping excellent time, waterproof to 30 mts.

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OMEGA MILITARY 2777-1 SC – 953 RAF- 6B 542 – VINTAGE 1953