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If you are seeking to part ways with your watch and find yourself asking “where can I sell my Rolex?”, look no further. UK Specialist Watches buys all types of prestige watches including Rolex, Omega and many more.

In order for us to evaluate your watch accordingly, it really helps to provide us with as much detail as possible in relation to the watch. To sell us your watch kindly fill in the form below and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

We aim to respond to all enquiries within 12 hours. Please allow up to 48 hours over the weekends as we experience a high level of enquiries. Be sure to check your “Junk” email folder as sometimes our responses can end up there.

Now accepting watches from all over the Costa Blanca in Spain. If you’re situated in Spain, please visit this page.


Please keep in mind that we only make offers on watches of interest
and whether we intend to purchase them from you.

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Reminder: Please check your spam/junk folder as sometimes our responses can land in there.
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Where can I sell my watch?

Finding someone to buy your watch can be a stressful time in the UK. There are hundreds of companies that will buy your watch but finding the right company offering the best possible prices is crucial. Who will buy my watch? Who will pay me the most for my watch? If you find yourself asking you those questions then you should contact UK-Specialist-Watches who buys new and used watches from anyone in the UK.

Sell my Rolex

We make purchases on unworn or used Rolex watches from sellers wanting a quick and easy sale. Please fill in the form provided above and take the first step towards parting ways with your watch. We take into consideration the condition and all extras you have included in the sale. Meeting our best criteria using the form provided would give you the best chance of a higher offer from us. We buy all Rolex models: Day-Date | Sky-Dweller | Datejust | Oyster Perpetual | Pearlmaster | Cosmograph Daytona | Sea-Dweller | Submariner | GMT-Master II | Yacht-Master | Explorer | Milgauss | Air-King | Cellini

Sell my Vintage Rolex

“I want to sell my vintage rolex watch, but do not know how to go about doing it”. At UK Specialist Watches. we love buying Vintage Rolex watches. If you are thinking about selling a Vintage Rolex watch please contact us via our sell my watch form provided above including as much information as possible. If you are wanting to sell my vintage rolex it is always best to located the original boxes & paperwork, however if you cannot find those for your vintage rolex we’d still like to hear from you.

I Want To Sell My Rolex Today

For many years we have purchased and sold Rolex watches to fine collectors and everyday individuals from across the UK. If you have a luxury watch such as a Rolex which you would like to sell, feel free to get in touch today by completing the sell my watch form or give us a call.

Are you currently looking to sell your Rolex?

At UK Specialist Watches we pay the best prices for your Rolex watch as we’re one of the most competitive watch companies in the United Kingdom. With nation wide coverage we make it easy for you “the customer” to sell your rolex and receive payment directly into your bank account. If you’re an individual who is thinking “I need to sell my rolex” then look no further as UK Specialist Watches provides competitive quotes upon inspection and also conducts business in a professional and secure manner to help you sell your Rolex watch.

With hundreds of satisfied customers we urge you to please review customer testimonials explaining their selling experience whilst dealing with us at UK Specialists Watches.
You’re not just welcome to sell your Rolex, but you’re also welcome to sell us your Cartier, Audemars Piguet, Patek Philippe and other luxury watch brands.

1) I’ve recently decided that I wanted to upgrade my timepiece, so I set out to sell my watch by finding a company who I could sell my watch to. I found UK Specialist Watches on Google and decided to complete their form online and submit my watch for valuation. I must say that everyone I had communications with at UK Specialist Watches were very professional and had excellent knowledge of watches. I received my estimate and sent them my watch for final inspection. Upon them receiving my watch they offered me an even better price as my explaination wasn’t that great and turned out to be even better. I am extremely happy that I was able to sell my watch and UK Specialist Watches gave me more money than I expected. Thank you. Alan Gray.

2) My husband had a Rolex watch that he wanted me to sell for him. I came across UK Specialist Watches Ltd and filled out their sell my watch form on their website so they could give me a figure. I received an instant response from a member of staff and we agreed on a price the very same day. I sent my watch to them and within a couple of days we had the money in the bank. My husband said “how did you sell my Rolex so fast?” to which I replied, “because I’m a woman and I get things done!” – Thank you to everyone at UK Specialist Watches for a fast and pleasant experience. Jade Marshall.

3) I had a Rolex submariner which I wanted to sell earlier this year but I had never got around to doing it. Finally I had time to sort this task out and mark it off my to-do list. So I set out to sell my Rolex submariner by launching my web browser and performing a quick Google search for companies that were reputable buyers. I found UK Specialist Watches and after doing my background checks and everything looking good I decided to fill in their sell my watch form provided on the website and take that next step to sell my Rolex. I was astonished at the level of expertise this company has when it comes to knowledge about Rolex watches. After a few hours of discussions we agreed on a deal and so I sent them my watch for final inspections. Upon final inspection I received an email letting me know that everything was okay and that the money had been transferred. I am very happy with the level of service provided by UK Specialist Watches and I would highly recommend anyone who wants to sell their watch to contact them before committing to another company. Cheers, Peter Jones.

4) UK Specialist Watches is a great luxury watch dealer who I would personally recommend to all my friends and family looking to sell a watch. I wanted to sell my watch quickly as I was moving abroad and needed all the spare cash I could find whilst starting my new life in the sun. After calling them they told me that they would definitely take my watch into consideration after I’ve completed the sell my watch form. I completed everything as requested and heard back from them within an hour regarding my enquiry. They told me that they would happily purchase it from me and would pay more if I could find the original box. At this stage I hadn’t even started packing my belongings ready for the move so I spent the next hour going through as many boxes I could find in the loft to try and find the original box my watch came in. Among finding a lot of things I thought I threw away years ago, I found it! I notified them that I had it and sent everything away to them for the final watch inspection. They said everything was great and that they would be paying me that afternoon. Excellent service and I would recommend anyone who wants to sell their watch to do so with UK Specialist Watches. Thanks again! Becky Taylor.

5) I found UK Specialist Watches on Google after typing I wanted to sell my rolex and I am so pleased that I came across them. I’ve wanted to sell my watch for cash for a fair amount of time but didn’t know where to begin. The process at UK Specialist Watches was very easy to follow and was a breath of fresh air if I am to be honest. I sent them images and filled in the sell my watch form on their website. I received a call from a member of staff to follow up on my enquiry and we had a very good chat about my rolex watch. I sent them my rolex watch for final evaluation and they sent me money via bank transfer the same day of arrival. Very very happy with the way my enquiry was handled and I’d highly recommend them to anyone. Thank you, Anne Kay.

6) Selling my watch to UK Specialist Watches was an excellent experience. Years ago I sold my watch to a watch company in London but I felt I could have received more for it. I searched on the internet for a company I could sell my watch to and I was presented with UK Specialist Watches Limited. Their customer service was brilliant and their general way of conducting business was excellent. I completed the sell my watch form to complete my enquiry with them regarding parting ways with my Rolex. They emailed me back for some final details of which I decided to call them and discuss everything because in order to sell my watch they needed as much detail as possible. We agreed on a price based on everything I had described and so I shipped my watch to them to be finalised. Upon them receiving my watch a friendly member of staff called me and told me they would be willing to proceed with the purchase and I was paid the very same day. If anyone reading this is thinking “i need to sell my watch for cash” then I would recommend contacting UK Specialist Watches. I will be back! Phillip Conroy.

7) UK Specialist Watches are fantastic watch traders! I wanted to sell my watch fairly quick due to needing the money for my first house deposit. I inherited the watch and didn’t really know where to sell my watch but I quickly came across UK Specialist Watches who provided an easy to use sell my watch form on their website. I completed the sell my watch form and received a response the very same day from a friendly member of staff who asked me for a few more details before he could provide me with a price for my watch. Once we agreed a price for my watch I sent them everything and received the money directly to my bank account the same day they received it. Fantastic experience and would deal with again. Cheers, Jacob Wilkinson.

A: You can expect a valuation / response to your sell my watch enquiry within 48 hours of submitting your information. However please allow for more time over the weekends.

A: Once a price has been agreed you will receive immediate payment by cheque or bank transfer on receipt of the watch.

A: If you are not comfortable with sending your watch to us by Royal Mail Special Delivery, you are more than welcome to visit our office.

A: We are based in Colwyn Bay, North Wales.

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